Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Creating a substitute for the investment practice

The Classic Economy propose the investment action to achieve plusvalues.
But the first problem is that you may change an amount of your cash against some production factors. And if you invest even if you take a risk you can get plusvalues and make wealth.

Into Economy 4G3W besides the 3 classic economic options - consumption, savings, investment - you have the money datevaluation option which you may choice as an investment's substitute to reach wealth. Making webcashmatic plusvalues in cash phasis, you make wealth and you do not have to take a risk.

And the money datevaluation is safe because it is100% on cashkeeping mode. It is 100% free because it is webpowered. It is 100% personalized because you keep your bank-finantial power.

Friday, June 13, 2008

U-cash-funds connectivity by 4G3W

Of course the Economy 4G3W appears when you add the money datevaluation to enlarge your limited options offered by the Classic Economy.

The new economic space is a plenty of new opportunities (CLO tus spanish flavor-links) for wealth webpowered extration. For you it is a SEL (Safe_Economic_Liberty) to reach a better economic performance just linking some 10€uros parcels of your money with a general 4G3W cash production anchor, the Universocial_Cash_Fund at the WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web.

Because for you the 4G3W fun-d-mentals are :

Number one : The mode is cashkeeping ( it means your cash is just linked to webpowered production factors and you revert your active money in saved cash-bank when you want) ;

Number two : Nothing to learn ( it means just you-do-mark-your-money by your webcashmotor like if you chage your mobile)

Number three : Your profit on the 12h00 daily New York Cash-Results where sure you win webcashmatic plusvalues and may be you get a multiplied result by random application.

Now using your SEL and your personal webcashmotor to create Owndated Webquantums you go up with your economic life forever. More or less speed : each OW=10€ is running in your webcashaccount (Web_Marked_Wuwspace) for your new available wealth.

Well, what I need to begin into Economy 4G3W ?

Fil the form at the WUW for your free webcashmotor delivery.

Never you have to pay nothing. Never you take a risk. Even your first 10€ for 1 OW may be reverted by your webcashmotor's order.

Friday, February 29, 2008


Your datevaluation is an economic action against the inflation.

Because when you link money-to-money for much-more-money in Economy 4G3W your webcashmotor establish the link between your owndated webquantum with an universocial-cash-fund increasing cash production for your results cash sharing.